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Good day my brother and sister in Christ.

  • Today is a blessed day and a day of assurance that God shall recover your lost years.
  • Money can be restored.
  • Property can be restored —broken-down cars, stripped painting, old houses.
  • Relationships can be restored.
  • But one thing that can never be restored is time.
  • Time flies and it does not return. Years pass and we never get them back.

The “yorubas will say lala ti oo lo si oke, ile lon bo” this doesn’t work for the time and years that have passed. They can never return.

  • ADVICE ON UTILIZATION AND DEVOTION OF TIME TO WORSHIP GOD. (I will advise everyone seated here to manage their time properly, the only thing that if you utilize your time for that will remain forever is the worship of the most high, being in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, being devoted to the good work of the lord.)


  • EXAMPLE: If you spend your entire life seeking for the good of this world, it will end one day and there is nothing you can take to the next world except your good deeds.


  • A simple example is one of the richest Man that ever lived, His name is Mansa Musa. He was the wealthiest and richest man in history and no one has beat his record till date. He travels with 60,000 men and 12,000 slaves with each person carrying 4 pounds of gold. His net worth was $400 Billion while Bill Gate (the richest living man in the world today) worth $85 Billion.

A lot of you might have not heard about him.

He left this world and was buried with few yards of white cloth. All his wealth was left behind except his good deeds and legacy.


  • Despite the fact that Time flies and it does not return, Years pass and we never get them back, Yet God promises the impossible because there is possibility in impossibility: “And I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” – Joel 2:25
  • Interpretation of this is that “I will recompense to you the years”; give you fruitful ones, as a full compensation for those in which the locust ate up the fruits of the earth for some years running


  • The immediate meaning of this promise is clear. God’s people had suffered the complete destruction of their entire harvest through swarms of locusts that marched like an insect army through the fields, destroying the crops, multiplying their number as they went.


  • Mark 5:25-34 gives us an account of the woman with the issue of blood. I suppose that when her situation started, she thought she was just menstruating until the blood flow refuse to stop.


  • PRAYER: Any one who is going through a state of continuous loss. The LORD is terminating that loss and stabilising you from now, in Jesus Christ Name!

To be Continue……..

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