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What keeps some people away from God is they have the wrong image of Him.

They think when they come back, there will be all this guilt. “I told you so; look how foolish you’ve been.” That’s not the way our God is.

When you come back, there will be a party, there will be a celebration.
You may have made mistakes. The accuser is telling you, “Stay away; stay in the hog pen, God would never accept you. It was your fault.” But I believe deep down you know who you are.

You know God’s calling is on your life.

Why don’t you arise? Let today be a new beginning, no more living guilty, down on yourself, telling God everything you’ve done wrong.

God’s already seen every mistake, every failure, every weakness, and the good news is He’s already forgiven you and He’s not holding it against you!

Come on back to the Father’s house.

Jesus is telling you to “Come Back Home”

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