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Man’s capacity to learn is seemingly limitless. A willing and ready mind could climb the highest mountain of knowledge. This aptly describe the founder and prophetess in charge of Faith Mission Cherubim and Seraphim Unification church of Nigeria, Her Eminence Prophetess Dr Marian Adeleye Akinjounla (JP) some ten years ago. Like a child, she conceived and delivered Faith Mission Cherubim and Seraphim church through normal birth, but the process were not only painful but difficult. Little did the prophetess Marian Adeleye, wife and mother who hail from Oyo state, a royal family from Akinmorin know, that Faith Mission Cherubim and Seraphim church with a sitting capacity of over 300 worshippers will progressively establish itself as an attractive place full of opportunities to worship the Lord.

As if seizure and double standards employed by the so called ‘omoniles’ to reclaim the first land was not enough, this time in march 1987 they were determined to put an end to anything Faith Mission, hence they set ablaze the first make shift church and went further to call the police. Undaunted and ever determined, prophetess Marian Adeleye , then residing at close 11 house 14 and managing and directing a personal company called Ojuenimala with major interest in conveying goods to up country for G.C.A Government Coastal Agencies, used her working capital to start the building of what is today’s Faith Mission church. At a stage in the construction works, when money was no longer available, she had to dispose her Volvo 16 4, the proceeds of which was used to finished the flooring of the church which was heavily water logged.

On November 6th 1990, with full benefit of hindsight ,and as a God gifted prophetess ,the foundation stone of the spiritual clinic at the back of the church was laid and commissioned on 29th April 1991. This was done to provide accommodation for the huge crowd seeking delivery /labour room for those admitted . The spiritual clinic is now well equipped with medical equipments and trained medical personnels. The Faith Mission church today is situated at No.1, Faith Mission close, satellite Town after close sixteen. Its building which started as an ordinary tent, is resplendent in multiple beautiful colours, while the mercy land is cut out in a small open court adorned with trees and painted white, with the church building projecting an wholesome aura that is beautiful and inviting from a distance . What a piece of architectural design!


Vision: To create a home for All that sincerely seek GOD.


Reaching out to the World…Providing a befitting worship place & Teaching to the Unsaved to serve the LORD.